try again

Broken pieces.

Shattered dreams in

Remnants, fragments, incomplete.

Hope persists in

Woven threads of

Dreams and wishes long thought dead.

Prayers and vows of

Someday. Maybe.

Wanting more than words can say.

Breathe in. Hold on.

Gather strength to

Pick up.  Brush off.  Try again.


be kind


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

A friend posted this on Facebook in regards to the death of Robin Williams. It is a beautiful sentiment and kind of ironic that I touched on this very thing in my last post.

We cannot see the inner struggles behind the masks people wear in their daily lives. Whether it be depression, anxiety, infertility, alcoholism, drug addiction… the list goes on. So the quote above says it all.

Be kind.

For Robin Williams, I sincerely hope that he has found peace.